University Journalism Ranking in 2020

University Journalism Ranking in 2020 - With the development of media, the Internet and also technology, delivering accurate information for various interests is increasingly needed. It is no wonder that graduates of mass communication and journalism are increasingly sought.

University Journalism Ranking in 2020
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Starting from the interests of various media to become the ' face ' of the company to face the various interests of stakeholders, graduates of mass communication/journalism usually have good public speaking competence, able to analyze and conclude various inputs into good information.

Graduates of mass communication/journalism are able to work in different industries, not necessarily media. This is one of the main attractions in the eyes of students who still choose to take majors during the course of the future.

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If you have been steadily choosing to study in the Department of Mass Communication/journalism, choosing to study abroad is a great choice if you plan to pursue a global career.

The study of mass Communication/journalism in Australia could be the best option if you are considering wanting to study in which country. Located near Indonesia, this country has many world-class universities that offer lectures in the field of mass communication and also journalism.

The study of media and communication grew rapidly over the last few decades. The impact is, not a few students flock to gain knowledge of the study of media and communication.

University Journalism Ranking

You also need to know what ten best colleges in the field of media version of Journal University in 2020. Who knows, you can continue to study there later.

Wall Street Journal University Ranking in this year is :

1. University of Southern California, United States
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism University of Southern California, United States (USA) is the best school for you who want to learn about communication and journalism.

At USC Annenberg There are 14 courses that are included in the School of Communication and School of Journalism. They consist of undergraduate, master, and doctoral levels. Reputable schools are sure to produce well-qualified alumni. One of them is Jacob Ullman who now leads production and talent management on Fox Sports.

2. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
At the University of Amsterdam (UvA) There are two schools that can be a reference for you to continue your education in the field of media and communication. Namely, Media Studies and Communication Science.

You can take undergraduate studies to master. Various study options. Among them are BA Media and Information, MA New Media and Digital Culture, and Communication Science: Entertainment Communication. Lectures are also performed in Dutch and English.

3. London Schools of Economics and Political Science, England
The Department of Media and Communications London Schools of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 2017 has been the world's best Media and communication school.

In the LSE, the range of communication and media studies is quite extensive because of the large selection of courses of master and doctoral programs.

These include MSc Media and Communications, MSc Politics and Communication, MSc Global Media and Communications, MPhil/Ph.D. in Media and Communications, and MPhil/Ph.D. in Data, Network, and Society.

4. Stanford University, USA
Stanford University Department of Communication has courses from bachelor to doctoral. At this San Francisco University, you can also take S-1 and S-2 simultaneously as they have the Coterminal MA in Communication line.

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
School of Journalism and Mass Communication University of Wisconsin-Madison is a great fit for you who want to be a journalist or a mass communication expert. You will learn a lot about mass communication practices, principles or basic news coverage, multimedia, digital media strategies.

6. The University of California, Berkeley, USA
Berkeley offers two courses of S-1 and Journalism media study for S-2. Media studies are an interdisciplinary study. You can learn media from a communication standpoint, anthropology, sociology, politics, and journalism.

Meanwhile, at the Graduate School of Journalism, students can select to study journalism based on platforms such as voice journalism, documentaries, narrative writing, and photojournalism.

One of his alumni is Greg Winter, The deputy editor for The International Desk of The New York Times who has won the Pulitzer Prize for the coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

From the list of 6 universities above, which one do you want? relax, you can read tips on choosing a university abroad.

Tips on choosing a journalism university

Before you enroll in a university hope, better read the tips below.
  1. Pay attention to tuition and living expenses, or you can look for scholarships at universities that you expect to minimize spending on the money.
  2. Ask your friends or relatives who have college experience, and lots of searching for information on the internet.
  3. Choose what suits your expectations if you want to concentrate on one science. You also choose other knowledge to add new insights.
  4. You have to take care of yourself because you study abroad.
  5. Always be optimistic that the knowledge you get will be useful for being together

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