Tourism Bus Rental Prices in Jakarta

Tourism Bus Rental Prices in Jakarta - Trust the need for tour bus rental and various other modes of transportation only in transportation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore we always strive to provide the best service. In addition, the rental price that we provide to every customer is very affordable.

Tourism Bus Rental Prices in Jakarta
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There are many customers who have experienced the excellence of our services. Now it's your turn to enjoy it.

Advantages of transportation Services

The price or car rental rate that you must pay when using our service always adjusts to your needs. We provide pricing based on a variety of factors from what you need. For example what kind of vehicle it is, when you need it, where you want to go, and how long the rental duration.

It is basically all vehicle rental companies do the same. But with us, you will be assisted to determine the type of fleet that is right-suitable for your family. In this case, we need to know the number of groups involved and what kind of facilities it wants. So you can make sure your budget is the most efficient.

Well maintained fleet with complete facilities

Transportation provides a number of fleet of various types. But the many types of transportation that we have does not make us Telodor in the treatment. Every unit we always service regularly.

In addition, there is a range of skilled mechanical personnel in our garage who are always ready to handle obstacles in the vehicle. Even before problems arise mechanics already take precautions through routine checking.

The facilities in each unit of our vehicle are fully available. This variety of features will spoil you during your time spent traveling in it. It is important to know that the facilities of each unit are actually different-they adapt to the availability of supporting facilities.

Reliable experienced driver

After you rent our fleet then your trip will be handled directly by the reliable driver that we provide especially for rental units other than MPV cars. Professional drivers who have been licensed through our government-enforced procedures are a recruit. That way we dare to ensure the safety and safety of your way.

In addition, our energy also has a myriad of experiences around the various routes that become our operating area. The region is covering the areas in Java, Sumatra, and Bali. From there they were able to adjust themselves on every path to go through.

Talk about pricing, as we've written above that our excellence is a rental price that adapts to your needs. There are several factors that affect it and one of them is determined by your goal. So as your reference when crafting the following budget travel plan is a list of big bus rental prices and medium bus based on its purpose and the duration of the rental.

Tourism Bus Rental Prices in Jakarta

The price is the price for the trip from DKI Jakarta so if you are outside the city and want to be picked up there there is an additional charge of the pickup rate with the following nominal:
  • Cibubur/Cikarang: Free
  • Pamulang/Depok/Bekasi: Free
  • Bogor/Karawang/Balaraja: Rp. 1,050,000
  • Purwakarta/Cilegon/Serang: Rp. 1.3 million

Additional Notes
  • DP submitted a maximum after 3 days of booking 30% of the rental price.
  • Redemption is done a maximum of 3 days before departure.
  • If the customer cancels the order, the fee is 25% – 75% rental price.
  • Complaints submitted 3 days after the rental period are not accepted.
  • Tourism Bus Rental conditions in transportation services.

Before you use our service, it is good to know the following conditions:
  • The rental deadline for DKI Jakarta is at 8 pm.
  • The rental time limit outside DKI Jakarta is at 11 pm.
  • If the rental exceeds the specified deadline, the customer must pay the over-time fee.
  • Overtime per hour: Big Bus (Rp. 200,000) Medium Bus (Rp. 150,000)
  • Overtime per day: Big Bus (Rp. 3.5 million) Medium Bus (Rp. 2.5 million)
  • Rental in DKI Jakarta area only for one trip which means one location can be visited only once.
  • The rental rate does not include the cost of purchasing tickets, tolls, ferries, travel retribution, parking lots, driver tips and kernels.

Any fees offered by the transportation services may change at any time without notice.
The customer is deemed to have understood all applicable provisions. (Source: journaluniversity.com)