How to Remove Plaque and Tartar Buildup Naturally Without the Help of a Doctor

How to Remove Plaque and Tartar Buildup Naturally - How to clean the tartar traditionally-actually as long as you routinely clean the dirt in the teeth properly, then the plaque can be cleaned before it has hardened and occurs precipitate. Hence the formation of dental corals can be avoided.

How to clean the tartar naturally
Yellow teeth and Puth teeth

But often people do not notice the small thing to prevent the formation of such corals, for example brushing the teeth two or three times a day, can be done after meals and before bedtime.

The level of dental reef formation in each person is generally different. And need to underline, in addition to caries, the most common cause of tooth decay is coral.

If you are not diligent in cleaning the teeth, the germ that is lodged in the mouth will form a thicker plaque. Therefore, check out our review of how to clean the yellow tooth reef as it is peeled below

How to clean the tartar naturally

Generally, the common cause of tartar is because the remnants of the food are left behind and not immediately cleaned. Gradually the rest of the food that is not cleared immediately will accumulate and cause tartar. Saliva that contains minerals will help the rest of the food solid and the Tartar formed into hard or sedimentation.

Here the journal university will review how to clean tartar and how to prevent the accumulation of food scraps on the teeth. Check this article to finish.

Brushing teeth at least twice a day
Toothbrushes are the most basic thing if you don't want the plaque to be thickened. Keep in mind the way you are in the side of the gums, i.e. in the upper gums, rub from the top to the bottom. While on the lower gums, point the brush from bottom to top. Do anyway regularly.

Using directly acid seeds
Just by having some of the seeds of direct acid that are then smoothed and pounded fine. You can use it as a material for brushing teeth. The power of the seed is effective to scrape the tartar with gradually.

Using cloves
Besides making breath fresher, clove seeds that are pounded finely can also be used to clean the corals. The difference with Kwak acid seeds, clove seeds do not need to be roasted, quite pounded.

Consume apples with regular
Apples proved to be potent to remove food remnants that stick to plaque. Simply wash the apple fruit and then eat without peeling the peel. By consuming an apple routine, the tooth will avoid plaque.

How to Prevent Tartar

This hardened food plaque on your teeth is called tartar (tartar). Tartar can also be attached to the gums under the impact that can cause irritation to the gums. Tartar will accumulate and expand causing the tooth surface to become more sticky. If you stay in the teeth for a long time it will cause more serious diseases such as inflammation of the gums.

Pay attention to your food temperature
Food that is too cold or hot is not good because it can accelerate damage to the teeth. Moreover, drink ice immediately after eating hot dishes. Then avoid this

Use anti-plaque toothpaste
One way to clean the next quick tartar is to pay attention to the use of your toothpaste daily. You should brush your teeth using a paste that is specially formulated to prevent the formation of tartar.

Gargle with formula Mouthwash
Have a small meal and light snacks. The dentist recommends gargling using a specially-formulaic liquid to remove germs in the mouth. In addition to being free from dental plaque, it is also included in how to eliminate bad breath with a potent.

Clean the rest of the food in between teeth
How to clean the last tartar by clearing the leftover food. If you are a person who leaves the dinner table, then go after the meal, then change the habit. You are advised to clean the remaining food attached to the sidelines of the tooth. If you do not brush your teeth, just use a special ligand.