Scholarship for Study in Japan, Free Tuition and Allowance of $ 1285 Every Month

Scholarship for Study in Japan, Free Tuition and Allowance of $ 1285 Every Month - Make you a prospective student who seeks scholarship and love Japanese culture, there is an interesting offer NIH. You can enroll in a scholarship program in Japan at the 2020 Mitsui-Bussan Scholarship Program.

Scholarship for Study in Japan, Free Tuition and Allowance of $ 1285 Every Month
Mitsui-Bussan Scholarship

Scholarship at Mitsui-Bussan Japan

The Mitsui-Bussan Scholarship Program is a scholarship program offered for high school graduates to pursue their studies in Japan. This scholarship is funded by Mitsui & Co.

Overseas scholarships are offered on a regular basis each year is a full scholarship. You are able to run freely during the study period in Japan. The Mitsui-Bussan scholarship aims to allow selected students to learn about the culture and traditions of Japan.

How long did you study in Japan?

In addition, it is hoped that you will also be expected to contribute to the development in Indonesia after completing the lecture in Japan. The college scholarship at Mitsui-Bussan itself will last for a period of 5.5 years starting from October 2020 to March 2026 with the following details.
  1. Japanese Course: 1.5 years (18 months) to be held at the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center of Independent Administrative Institution, Japan Student Services Organization, Tokyo, Japan
  2. Study period S1 at the university in Japan: 4 years (48 months)

Scholarship Coverage

1. The cost of living costs 145.000 yen (± $1285) each month
2. The ticket of economy class at the beginning and end of awarding
3. The arrival allowance worth 50.000 yen ($600) provided on arrival at Japan
4. Free tuition fee including admission fee and Japanese language course fee
5. Accommodation
  • In the first 1.5 years during the Japanese language course, the scholarship recipients will be staying in the dormitory Japanese Language Center.
  • The scholarship recipient will receive a residence subsidy of 5,000 yen per month during the lecture period, applicants can stay in dormitories, boarding, or apartments that have been determined by Mitsui Bussan Scholarship. The scholarship recipient will receive a lodging subsidy for 25,000 yen per month.

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