How to Take Care of a Dog, A New Owner's Guide (All Types of Dogs)

How to Take Care of a Dog - The interest in keeping animals as pets in the house is unstoppable, you may be preparing to adopt a suitable dog breed into a new family member.

Exciting moments arrive when your home arrives at the new family member, a tiny and cute little puppy. All affairs were best handed over to him. But a few days the problem arises the most disturbing your mind. Your beloved puppy does not want to eat, stress, stools, etc.

The journal university will provide guidelines for caring for dogs for beginners. Before you raise a dog you should consult to choose a dog that is easy to tame because raising a dog is not like raising cats and rabbits.

Once you understand how to properly care for and train a dog, you can maintain a larger breed of dog for safety. Below is a complete guide on training and caring for dogs when they have a disease, read and understand them to the end.

How to Take Care of a Dog

However, you realize that the experience of how to take care of dogs does not exist at all. If you think you have no skills to keep them in case beginners don't need to be discouraged. The author will compose a breed of dog that doesn't need your previous experience.

Types of Dog Breeds

The criteria of 15 pet dogs tend to be in small groups of racial bodies so that their food consumption is also not much. In addition, they are good at being trained and adaptable in the environment like apartments.
  1. Bichon Frise
  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  3. Coton de Tulear
  4. Havanese
  5. Malta
  6. Maltese Shih Tzu
  7. Maltipoo
  8. Norfolk Terrier
  9. Papillon
  10. Peekapoo
  11. Poodle Toy and Miniature
  12. Pug
  13. Schnoodle Toy and Miniature
  14. Shih Tzu
  15. Yorkipoo
  16. Herder

How to Train a German Shepherd to Be a Guard Dog

Dog Herder (German Shepherd) has a sturdy figure that looks scary. For dogs, lovers do not necessarily all love the herder type dogs. It is not all types of dogs that exist in the world, will be endeared by dog lovers around the world.

How to Take Care of a Dog, A New Owner's Guide German Shepherd
German Shepherd by pixabay

You who like herder, then arise desire to nurture it. This type of dog herder is often a news material about dogs because of its extraordinary role with the police.

The Herder dog will be much easier to maintain when you buy a small still aka puppy. Look at the following on how to keep a small herder dog without being overwhelmed.

Recommend a new residential environment
A small herder dog will certainly be a frightening look when meeting new owners, new neighborhoods. You need to introduce the atmosphere of a new residential neighborhood to a small herder dog.

By inviting dogs to play both inside and outside the house about two hours. Let your herder dog play. It was a way that small herder dogs began to get used to their new quarters. A small herder dog certainly hasn't been scary when it's grown. So, you don't have to hesitate to nurture it.

After twelve hours, new feed
The habit of a pet owner who has just had an animal like a small herder dog is feeding directly. In fact, in the mind, the dog herder certainly still afraid and alien with a new atmosphere. Let your little herder dog be free to move in your home.

Dogs herders that you acquire of course have previously been fed and brought in a healthy state, so let the small herder dog recognize the atmosphere around. Just after about twelve hours, a small herder dog is in the place of the new owner, give him dog food for him.

Set meal portion for small Herder
Little puppy type Herder though still needs proper maintenance. If the owner is less beware of nurturing, then a small herder dog will get sick. When the owner of a dog herder gave an excess portion of the meal.

Pets are certainly happy every time they are given dog food. However, too many portions get into the stomach, it can result in a small herder experiencing diarrhea and it is dangerous for the dog's age which is still classified as "puppy".

Give vaccines after one week of arrival
For those of you who want to have a herder dog someday when growing up become a sturdy, fierce, and include dogs that can be proud of the news about dogs herder on television that achievers, then nourish by also giving vaccines. But do not rush to give vaccines.

If a small herder dog is still stressed in a new place and given a vaccine, it will exacerbate its health condition. Better give it a vaccine for him after a week of arrival a small dog herder in your home.

How to Care for a Siberian Husky

Caring for dogs is known to be extra energy. Dogs are known as very active animals and do not like to just silence in the cage. The dog owner should be able to invite the dog to walk. One of the most popular breeds to be maintained is the Siberian Husky.

How to Care for a Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is a very active famous dog breed. Looking at the body of a stout dog, it is classified as a dog that can not be silent. Types of Siberian Husky are more found abroad. Indonesia, not many people keep a dog taking the type of Siberian Husky.

If you belong to a dog of that type and until now is still a confusion for how to take care, then no need to grieve. Check out the easy way to care for the following Siberian Husky dog.

Active motion about two hours a day
A Siberian Husky dog is not a kind of dog that is just quick to get tired when on the streets a few minutes. The best thing about taking care of it is to take the dog on the streets or even while you are in the morning run, invite your Siberian Husky dog to accompany your sport.

Guaranteed the dog will be very pleased because it is freed to run and meet other types of dogs. But remember, don't let go of the dog's neck-binding strap when you get the Siberian Husky walk or run in order not to pursue another animal or even a person is also running early in the morning around you.

Set a time of about two hours to let your Siberian Husky dog actively move. If your sport time is only one hour, then the next hour can be a dog do in the afternoon like when you want to do an afternoon sport.

The right type of food and drink
Pay attention when you want to give food to a Siberian Husky dog. Give good food for the dog's digestion. This type of Siberian Husky is not a good dog to consume chocolate food, sweets, foods that contain salt.

This type of Siberian Husky is also not a good dog to consume drinks containing caffeine, alcohol, even white water in cold or ice water. Better to give dog food that is proper for the type of Siberian Husky. If you want to give human food, do not give food that has been disturbing digestion. So also when to give your dog to drink Siberian Husky.

Vaccines, bathing, and Grooming
Nurture the Siberian Husky with the most. Consider the animal part of your family. For if not so, you will be lazy to nurture it. A Siberian Husky dog needs to acquire a vaccine. Make sure when you buy the dog already in a vaccine state. Is it enough vaccine? Certainly not.

Siberian Husky must be vaccinated every year to avoid illness. Also, the Siberian Husky is regularly. Dogs are not animals that are afraid of water. So you will not have trouble bathing. Siberian Husky will be very pleased to face the water. Don't forget anyway you should be regular for the Siberian Husky grooming.

How to train a strong pitbull and stay friendly

The Pit Bull breed Dog is a breed of APBT breeds. That is, the American Pit Bull Terrier is not just the one you choose to maintain. Already seen from the less friendly Pit Bulldog, then it is better to choose right.

How to train a strong pitbull and stay friendly
Pit Bull breed Dog

Make sure you see a Pit Bulldog that is already accustomed to being free in the environment, not just in the enclosure.

With you keeping the Pit Bull's dog accustomed to the length of activity outside, it is much easier to train it when it is mature. Why is this, here's how to train a strong Pit Bulldog and stay friendly Tips you need to see?

Keep Pit Bull with a happy atmosphere
Pit Bull Dogs have a temperament that will form according to how the owner treats him. To do so, in order to easily train Pit Bulldogs as adults, it always provides a pleasant atmosphere. In the form of letting a Pit Bulldog is not often in a cage.

Let the Pit Bull's dog be active around the house, but are still supervised so as not to attack animals or foreigners. At least you just enter the Pit Bull type dog to the dog cage when it comes to sleeping or late in the evening.

Make sure Pit Bull's dog feels freed its owner to active. Cause with Pit Bull's dog to feel happy, then Pit Bull's dog will have a friendly and easily trained temperament.

Training routine since childhood at Pit Bull type
If you happen to keep a Pit Bull dog since childhood, you should know how to choose an American Pit Bull Terrier with good characteristics. So that when adults are easily trained, then always train with toys.

Do you think the Pit Bulldog is like a child? It is such a living creature that when a child will be pleased if given a toy. From toys, it will develop skills as adults. Pit Bull breeds will be increasingly trained as long as childhood has been used to play.

Nurture close to others and others
The Pit Bull type dogs are easily trained if able to be properly maintained. Give the Pit Bull dog the chance to socialize with the same or different types of dogs. Likewise, let your Pit Bull dog be close to guests or others.

At least the Pit Bull can distinguish which person is dangerous to him and the owner and who is not. Pit Bulldogs are easily trained if you do not limit the movement space.

If necessary you should also know the Tips to train a stubborn and unrulable dog. So when you train, the Pit Bull dog will follow your orders, the owner who is kind-hearted.

Always watch over your Pit Bull type dogs. Especially when you are training and at the same time there are people who also watched.

To minimize Pit Bull's dogs to attack them. However, as long as you know Tips on how to train a strong Pit Bull dog and stay friendly, then no need to worry about being overwhelmed when practicing it.

How to Handle Fleas on Dogs

Itchy diseases in dogs can occur from many sources, such as fleas that stick to their body and work quietly sucking pet blood. To overcome the lice in the skin of dogs, some try a dog lice drug or go to the vet to obtain a comprehensive diagnosis.

Before using a dog-lice drug without clearly knowing the cause, you need to know a few signs of a pet that is indicated to have a bug problem.

Dogs often scratch the body not as usual. The habit of scratching the body will be more intense if the itch is still felt until it is risky to make abrasions if ignored.

Another feature that dog owners can use to know about lice is the surface of his fur coat. Lice that nest on the animal's body, can cause itching so that the dog scratched without being known to you. The habit of scratching the body can cause the coat of fur loss excessively or in the area of itching indicates a thin fur condition.

Types of dog lice drugs
This type of dog lice Medicine provides a variety of types that can vary based on liquids, pills, powder to drugs.

How to use the drug lice for dogs can be used by sprinkled, mixing in food, apply directly to the body part until bathing them with water mixed with the drug.

In addition to this, another method that can be done is by injecting it to a pet. This action requires expertise and is advised by veterinarians.

How to choose a dog lice remedy for beginners
Choosing a dog lice medication for those who keep animals from long ago may not have a major problem. Generally, skin diseases in dogs can be experienced at least once during their care.

While for the new owners, some are confused to choose a suitable dog lice remedy. The number of options for treating skin diseases and itching, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

Dog breeds with sensitive skin are more advised to use the type in feeding
Drops that are mixed in drinks are more effective to prevent dogs from licking drugs that are applied
Prioritizing medicinal recommendations from veterinarians

There are many ways to maintain a dog's health, such as having problems related to lice, requiring quicker treatment to avoid spreading and making pets more chaotic.

What To Do If You Find A Stray Dog?

When searching for digital records that are scattered in Google's search engine, there is enough writing about the village dog describing its history but not revealing exactly that mention.

In general, the definition of a successful farm is explained, the race emerges from the cross of a mixed-race that is difficult for his ancestors to know.

Some of the writings about the village dog suspect this race originated in displaced animals and no longer cared for the owner for some reason, at the end of the story free live independently in the community environment.

The reluctance of the adopter candidate to take care of the village dog is not very clear as well because their fur coats are not as beautiful as the dog race, the bodies tend to be standard so less funny or scary. But the fact breeds dogs with certain specifications are more demanded an adopter and animal lovers.

In my personal opinion, the race of the village dog is not inferior to the dog breeds that are proud of the majority of society.

Of the several dogs in care and maintenance, each breed of a certain dog has been given the advantages and disadvantages of each.

For example, the name of dog type is negatively heard ears will be more beautiful with domestic dog calls.

This is an excess of domestic dog (Kampung) that is not owned by Pure Race Dog (original)
Domestic race maintenance costs are much cheaper. You can compare the costs that need to be incurred to adopt, buy food feed, consultation and treatment to the veterinarian to the affairs of vaccination and other medical needs.

Prices of native dog breeds pure will obviously differ when they are sick and require medical action for healing ailments.

Besides the excess domestic dog is the durability of their body is excellent.

The ancestors ' life of domestic dog breeds in wildlife habitat and full of challenges competing with other animals.

Aside from all the mentioned advantages, the other most important thing is how to take care of domestic dogs easier and they are not fussy.

The history of domestic dogs is very long experiencing considerable evolution from their previous ancestors. This local race is one of the races that have a link with a wolf and a group characterized by colorful colors.

To see the genetic difference dogs and wolves have been happening between 40,000-20,000 years ago.

The more you read the history of domestic dogs experiencing genetic changes through evolution in past times, concluding this race is not so ugly as the shadow of society so far.

Quoted from drlawrenceblair.com as an expert on English anthropologist who likes to explore the place in Indonesia and entered around 1970 an with his colleague arrived in Bali often become a speaker explaining Indonesian society and culture.

He did not hesitate to praise the Balinese dog that many local people maintain so that their origins can still be accounted for an as pure race.

Facts About Your Dog's Tongue

You may have seen the dog finish running then sticking out his tongue. Not only once saw them take out the tongue, but every run would also have been that way. When a dog sticks out his tongue, it usually has a special function on their organs.

There are several reasons why dogs are sticking to their tongue, including

Temperature adaptation
Breathless and Kecapean is the cooling mechanism used by most living beings. Just like pets, dogs have a way of regulating their body temperature in this way.

Common signs of some living creatures that seem exhausted with a rapid breath to accelerate the evaporation of water from its tongue.

On the inside of her mouth that is connected to the upper respiratory tract, evaporation of water helps the dog's ability to regulate his body temperature.

Differences of dogs with other creatures in regulating body temperature, one of which is a genetic condition in some races with the face of "smooshed". They mostly have an oral cavity that is too small to accommodate the tongue.

Another cause of dogs sticking out the tongue after a run is the influence of skin glands.

Humans who have high body temperature will push the body to work to stabilize the temperature to normal. With the help of pores found on the skin, sweat will come out to cool down.

While the animal has a distinctive body like a dog, it is mostly wrapped in thick fur coats and makes the sweat longer out and dry. This makes the dog little or no sweat glands on their skin.

Dogs that stick to the tongue do not always finish running when the temperature and weather are abnormal and require a normal, the dog will stick his tongue to cool the body.

A healthy dog and inside a normal temperature environment, never stick out the tongue.

However, animals can be seen sticking out their tongues in the same situation if they have a chance of illness.

Some diseases related to the habit, such as oral cancer, moderate to high scale dental diseases.

The condition of the dog accustomed to removing the tongue can be influenced by other things, e.g. genetic and abnormal shape of the face.

Generally, it can arise due to abnormal jaw bones that can not sustain the tongue or other causes such as missing teeth make a gap of the tongue can slip.

Some types of disease make dogs stick out the tongue:
  • Oral cancer
  • Warts
  • Inflammation of small bumps
  • Severe dental disease
  • Inflammation of the tongue (glossitis)
  • Soft mouth tissue problems (stomatitis) gum inflammation (gingivitis)
  • Lip inflammation (cheilitis)
  • Suspected feeding of toxic crops or chemicals, bacterial or viral infections that decrease metabolic immunity
  • Malnutrition

Overall the dog is very normal to stick to the tongue if it does not have health problems and diseases. If you doubt their certainty is healthy, the proper way of making sure is to examine the dog's mouth by asking the vet's help.

Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

For the first time having a puppy, you might be confused about how to take care of your beloved puppy well and correctly. Puppy caring Tips are very necessary for those with limited knowledge of how to keep and care for puppies in order to always be clean and healthy.

Puppy care is actually nothing special. Just as with the care of other pets, you should be mindful of your body hygiene, feathers, teeth and properly regulating their diet. But broadly, the Tips for beginner puppies can be described as follows.

1. Balanced nutrition consumption
As with humans, why choose nutritious dog food? Puppies also need to get balanced nutrients from the food intake he is consuming every day.

As it is still in the growth period to adulthood, puppies require nutritional substances to support their growth and nutrients such as protein intake, minerals, fats and vitamins in the correct amount.

Feeding the puppy should be in the form of concentrates for easily digestible and good for his system of enlightenment.

2. Caring for a puppy's teeth
Caring for puppies should also be focused on the health of their teeth. This is an important thing that must be done to keep the puppy teeth from growing perfectly. If you are able you can diligently clean it every day with a brush and toothpaste.

You should also pay attention to healthy food for small dogs to maintain the health of their teeth, however, if you are afraid of mistakes in your dog dental care, you should consult a veterinarian directly.

Teeth that are rare or completely never cleaned will cause a germ hive and disrupt the health of the puppy especially in the event of consuming daily food. The general things done by the Doctor Hawan is by clearing the plaque on the tooth surface to prevent damage to its teeth.

3. Training Puppies
As we know that dogs are one of the smartest animals. Besides taking care of puppies, training your dog's puppies early on is also one of the treatments for them to be able to hone the skills and intelligence of the dog.

Teach gradually everything from what he has to do, what he should not do until the training stages with certain instructions.

Train patiently, get friends like a friend and make your pet think that you are the only employer who cares about the animal so that the puppies will be easy to be taught a variety of instructions.

4. Grooming your puppy
Tips on caring for the last puppy is not separated from the term "grooming". Grooming puppies In an early age will indirectly teach him how to calm even when someone else is crossing (other than you). Dog Grooming at an early age will make the dog become tame until he is mature.

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