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Thursday, May 17, 2018


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International Menu Includes Fan Favourite from Around the Globe

ORLANDO, Fla., MAY 2, 2018 - Bon Voyage! Hard Rock's World Burger Tour is back and ready to take guests' taste buds on an international flavor experience. World Burger Tour, alimited-time offering of Hard Rock Local Legendary Burger, inspired by the taste and flavor from cafe locations around the world, hits tables at participating Hard Rock Cafe locations worldwide beginning May 2 and continues through June 29

"it's incredible we're able to showcase Hard Rock's Local Legendary Burger collection and the authentic ingredients that makeup each burger for the fourth year in a row," said Dave Sidhu, General Manager. "For a limited time, guests can enjoy the signature flavors from some of the world's most eclectic cities like Hong Kong and Dubai at their local Hard Rock".

Homestown Heroes

This year more than four local nurgers were evaluated by Hard Rock's culinary team with crowd favourites added to the 2018 World Burger Tour lineup. Throught May and June, Hard Rock Cafe menus will feature World Burger Tour offerings such as:

  • Date Burger (Dubai, UAE) - a classicburger patty enchanced with Hard Rock's rich date chutney, diced dates and softened cream cheese, topped with crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomato served with fries
  • Satay Burger (Singapore) - an all-beef patty on a sweet and chruncy trip, featuring a combination of Asian peanut sauce, cool cucumber planks, arugula and sriracha mayo served with seasoned fries.
  • Sweet & Sour Burger(Hong Kong, China) - a classic berger patty topped with grilled pineapple, crunchy fried onions, bell peppers and crisp lettuce drizzled with Hard Rock's house-made sweet and sour sauce served alongside seasoned fries.
  • Tandoori Spiced Chicken Burger (Mumbai, India) - a seasoned chicken patty with fresh mint mayo, Monterey jack cheese and crisp cucumber planks topped with iceberg lettuce served with seasoned fries and mint mayo for dipping.

Just like the artists whose memorabilia lines the walls at Hard Rock locations worldwide, the burgers served at Hard Rock Cafe are nothing short of "legendary". All Local Legendary Burgers feature the highest quality meants, fresh ingredients, savory sauces and rich melted cheese paired with the ultimate sidekick - Hard Rock's Savory Artisan french fries**. Throughout World Burger Tour, each french fry selection is paired with a complementary signature dipping sauce.

As part of the World Burger Tour menu, Hard Rock Cafes will also showcase the brand's world-famous beverage menu made up of refreshing cocktails and non-alcoholic options, including:

  • Rockin Fresh Rita - a mixture of silver tequila, fresh lime juice, agave nectar served in a glass with a slightly spicy salt rim
  • Classic Caribbean Mojito - a classic favourite with a little extra jazz! Light rum, fresh mint, lime juice and sparkling soda topped with a premium aged rum floater and a sprinkle of powdered sugar
  • Passion Fruit Mai Tai - a Tiki classic invented in the 1940s in California! Spiced rum, passion fruit and a blend of traditional Tiki flavors
  • Passion Fruit Punch - a refreshing blend of orange juice, passion fruit and ginger ale
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Marilah-mari berbuka di The Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu | Ramadhan Buffet

May 17, 2018 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum, puasa-puasa macam ni teringin sangat nak rasa masakan kampung kan? Tinggal di bandar ni susah sangat bah mau cari masakan kampung. Kebanyakkannya semua western style. Tapi di Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu semuanya ada. Wah rasa macam balik kampung gitu hehe.

Bertempat di Tangerine Restaurant, The Palace Hotel, pelbagai menu kampung yang tersedia. Sampai saya pun binggung bah mau makan yang mana duluan haha. Bukan terbarus ya, tapi cubalah kamu try makan disana, kamu pun tiba-tiba binggung tu mau makan apa duluan. Bukan setakat masakan bergoreng ja yg ada, panggang-panggang pun ada bah. Ikan bakar, sotong bakar, sate, daging bakar.. adoi punyalah bah bikin termimpi-mimpi haha. Orang cakap, sekali makan, mau lagi makan hahaha. Ulam-ulam sambal belacannya fuhh gilaa sedap bah balik-balik pergi ambil dengan muka yang ndatau malu. Namanya pun buffet kan jadi apa mau kisah orang tengok hahaha

Paling lagi rasa kampung disini, bila makanan tu semuanya fresh. Maksudnya, chef di sana tidak akan masak dalam kuantiti banyak sekaligus. Dia akan masak bila ada makanan yang mau habis sudah. Jadi disana, terjamin kualiti makanannya.

Dengan tema Marilah-mari, rasa terpanggil-panggil pula mau pergi sana balik haha. Bukan apa harga pun paling murah dan memang tidak rugilah makan disana. Jangan lupa bawalah satu kampung kamu pergi makan di sana, confirm nanti kampung sebelah pula ikut kamu makan sana hahaha.

Dibawah ni diantara gambar-gambar yang saya ambil masa makan disana. Jadi korang kalau terliur tu cepat-cepat booking tau sebab kalau awal booking akan dapat harga Early Bird. Untuk Booking atau sebarang pertanyaan boleh rujuk gambar paling last ok. See u next entry dan selamat berpuasa semua

Monday, May 14, 2018


May 14, 2018 2 Comments
-Delicious Iftar offering to break-fast throughout the holy month of Ramadhan-

Celebrate the month of Ramadhan with Hilton Kota Kinabalu in its 'Jom Makan' iftar buffet dining from 17 May until 14 June 2018 at Urban Kitchen.

Break-fast with plentiful array of local and international selections such as chicken in spicy tomato sauce, chicken and beef satay and the signature dishes; the venison 'rendang and spicy-sour lamb shank in its traditional Malay section while the indian section features the highly sought after 'murgh makhani', 'paneer kadai' and lamb saagwala. Popular selections in the Chinese section include Shanghai shrimp and seafood dumplings, hot and sour Szechuan soup, 'loh mai kai', roasted barbucue chicken and sesame roasted duck.

The main attractions throught the fasting month are the grilled selections such as the roasted beef prime ribs on the bone, barbeque marinated beef spare ribs including Middle Eastern favourites such as whole lamb on spit, 'baklava' assortment and 'om ali'

Emphasizing the Ramadhan offer is the 'warung balik kampung', an outdoorstall that is set up at the hotel's port cochere and designed to mimic a coffee shop typically found in traditional villages. Serving an array of durian themed delicacies such as the king of fruits, durian ice cream, durian fritters and others on a rotation and availability basic, the stall is aimed at providing patrons an experience akin to b eing in an actual hut-like astablishment where they can enjoy the daily selections on display or simply relax to a glass of the tarik.

The hotel's 'Jom Makan' iftar buffet is available from :
6.24 pm - 10.30 pm

RM158 nett Per Adult
Children below the age of 5 years old eats for free
Under 12 years old enjoy 50% discount

Save more by grabbing the early bird offer available until 14 May 2018 at RM128 nett per person. For discount on the non early bird special price, enjoy 25% off your total bill in a single receipt when dining in a table of 10 adults and above or 15% off when paying using selected Malaysian issued credit cards.

For further enquiries or reservations, please call :

088-356 056
email :