How to Make Perfect Coffee at Home (Step by Step Recipe)

How to Make Perfect Coffee - Who doesn't like coffee? Maybe only a small percentage of people who don't like coffee. Even though making delicious coffee is easy and fast, anyone can make it without having to ask for help from others. Especially now that there are machines for making french press and aero coffee.

How to Make Perfect Coffee at Home
How to make a coffee

There are many variants of coffee drinks. From pure black coffee and thick to coffee that has been mixed with sugar, milk, and chocolate. The method of presentation also varies. From the simplest to the most complicated ones.

For you who want to be a hobby, surely not every day you can hang out in expensive cafes instead? If you are curious about how to make good coffee by the café but do not make a whole bag, you should learn to prepare materials and use the following simple coffee brewing tools. The price is average below one million! There are even those under $10.

How to Make Perfect Coffee

Before we enter the milk coffee recipe, it helps us to get acquainted with the raw material for making this milk coffee.

Ground coffee is the result of processing roasted and ground coffee beans so that it becomes powder that is ready to be brewed with water.

Coffee itself has a bitter taste but from the bitterness, that culinary fans love coffee because of the distinctive coffee in spreading its unique flavor so that it can build its own passion after tasting a cup of coffee.

Milk is a nutrient-filled liquid most of which comes from mammalian mammary glands. Like cows, goats, camels, even humans. Milk is usually intended for babies because the nutritional content in milk is very good for baby's growth.

But adults also do not escape the activities of drinking this milk. Because the sweet and savory taste produced by milk makes anyone addicted to drinking milk again and again.

Okay, this time I will try to share with readers about how to make coffee milk with a simple recipe, but the taste is not inferior to coffee milk made in cafes in Italy there.

Ingredients :

  • 2 tablespoons of ground coffee
  • 6 spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon creamer
  • enough sugar
  • half a spoon of plain chocolate powder (without flavor)
  • enough hot water

How to make coffee milk :

  • Put the ground coffee into a glass, then put in sugar, then chocolate powder.
  • Enter the hot water into the glass slowly. This will greatly affect the aroma of coffee that appears in a glass of milk coffee.
  • Allow a few moments about 15 seconds and then put sweetened condensed milk into a glass.
  • Mix well until all ingredients dissolve completely in water.
  • To make it more delicious, put creamer at the top of the coffee that has foam.
  • Milk coffee is finished and ready to be served.

Above is a simple way to make delicious coffee without the help of a coffee maker, after you are proficient in making a cup of coffee, after that try to use a coffee machine.

Add milk if you like milk coffee, if you don't like milk coffee for some reason you can reduce it, just use ground coffee and just sugar.

In a journal university article will explain the steps on how to make a perfect cup of coffee at home with a special Barista cafe recipe

1. Coffee beans
First of all, before you start making coffee, make sure you have quality coffee beans. Do not use powdered coffee or instant coffee that is commonly sold on the market! The reason, the powder coffee that is sold on the market does not have the character and taste of the coffee is unique.

As you know, the coffee powder can absorb the scent around it. So the coffee powder that is too long saved quality will decrease

Instead, order coffee beans in the coffee shops scattered around your city. If possible, ask the barista to get their raw coffee beans straight before you. This ensures that the coffee you buy is really fresh from the oven!

2. Grinder or coffee grinder
After getting the roasted coffee beans, the first tool you need is a grinder or a coffee grinder. If you do not have one, do not hurt to use a grinder that usually is a set with a blender in your house. But make sure, the grinder should be clean and free from the scent of other objects.

3. Vietnam Drip
Named Vietnam drip, because it is a tool from our neighboring country, namely Vietnam. This one tool, in its home country, is at most only worth about 30 thousand rupiahs. However, in Indonesia, the price can reach twice the fold. No wonder anyway, because there is still cost import and others.

No need for timing that is too difficult to use this one tool. Because, you just simply pour the ground coffee into the base of Vietnam drip, then after that flatten the coffee powder and press-press using a filter built by Vietnam drip.

Afterward, pour the hot water and let the coffee water drip into the glass underneath, stir and enjoy. Oya! In Vietnam itself, at the base of the glass is usually given sweetened condensed milk.

4. French Press
How to make coffee with the french press? This tool is a tool that is widely used to brew coffee in houses. The design is simple, and its use is easy to have of course make the French press a tool to brew favorite coffee.

Moreover, at an affordable price, it certainly will not make your pocket hole. You only have to spend between 100 thousand – 200 thousand rupiah to bring home this tool.

It was first created by an American living in Germany, named Dr. Peter Schlumbohm Ph.D. in 1941. Its elegant design and ease of use make Chemex an interesting and successful one on display in famous museums around the world.

To use Chemex, you simply put the filter paper on it, then place the coffee powder. Afterward, pour the hot water gently and wait for the coffee extract to drip from the filter.

6. Mokka Pots
How to make coffee in a pot? Moka Pot is a brewing tool originating in Italy. It is said that almost all families there have Moka pots. Just like Chemex, the potted Mokka also manages to cob in large museums, including the British National Museum, due to its unique design. Unlike other tools that use enough hot water, the pot Mokka should be placed on the stove lit.

The thing to note for using this tool is to use hot water into the kettle base according to the specified boundary line. After that, enter the coffee powder in the container that has been provided, place the coffee powder on the water container and turn on the stove.

Water at the bottom of the pot will rise to the surface. Here is the sign of coffee ready to enjoy. For the record, do not use coffee that is too rough and not too soft. 

7. Aero Press
One of the tools of portable coffee is very practical and easy to carry anywhere. It has a futuristic design, making Aero press more popular with coffee lovers. Because this tool uses a strong plastic material so it is not easily broken. In addition, its simple and practical design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

The secret to using Aero press is to use low-temperature water, ranging from 75 °c to 85 °c. There is no definitive way to use this aero press. Because it all depends on the user's creativity.

8. Mug or cup
This is a great thing not to be missed in making good coffee. There are no specific criteria about the cup that should be used anyway. It's just that, there is some research that says that the use of the mug with the inside is white, supposedly can make coffee flavor become more bitter. Believe not believe, try yourself to prove it yourself.

Tips for Making Delicious Coffee

  • Add ground coffee and sugar to taste according to taste
  • Add hot water, not boiling water
  • Stir the bottom slowly, the top does not need to be stirred
  • Drink when warm
  • Drinking coffee after 9 am because before 9 am no effect is felt
  • Tell others to taste so you know the coffee you are blind is good

So, are you interested in buying one of the coffee tools on top? Or maybe want to collect everything? By learning to use the tools above, who knows you become a professional barista? Or at least, it can make a good coffee for your beloved family. (Photo : pixabay)

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