6 Easy And Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes That Look Beautiful

Easy And Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes - Hair enlargement on the eyes is generally arguably very slow. Naturally different from the head hair that grows so fast and needs to be cut out routinely. Lashes take a long time to grow maximal. Many factors affect growth, call it your diet.

Easy and natural ways to grow eyelashes

If you do an unhealthy diet, it is difficult for the hair to grow. This is because if the body is deficient in nutrients, it will be difficult to develop. To find out more, read also: How to diet well.

As per the title in the journal university blog, we review the tips on lengthening eyelashes so that they are beautiful and beautiful to look at.

How to extend the eyelashes naturally

Nowadays hair growth maid beauty products are very much. Conditioner is one of the nutritional enhancer products for eyelashes. The product serves as a moisturizer to increase the growth rate. But of course, it would be great if you use a way to extend the eyelashes naturally with the following ingredients:

Combing every morning 

Comb your eyelashes every morning. This is one way to extend the eyelashes easily. Afterward, apply olive oil.

How to lengthen the eyelashes with olive oil 

Eyelashes are identical to the hair, which is essentially experiencing growth in normal conditions. The difference is that the rate of eyelash growth is slower than hair. Well, olive oil is known as a material to naturally melt the hair, it also affects the eyelashes.

Before bedtime, you should apply olive oil to your eyelids. Do it regularly every night for maximum results. The content of vitamin E in olive oil is the reason why the oil is included in the list of ways to lengthen the main eyelashes. [Read ALSO: The benefits of olive oil for hair]

How to stretch eyelashes using aloe vera 

Betel stems and aloe vera is believed to be the traditional remedy of a healthy and dense eyelash. If done regularly every day, aloe vera benefits look faster. Here's how: take a small betel stick and dip it on aloe gel. The dipped stem is used for polishing your eyelids. Do it every morning and evening for a week three times.

The Petroleum Jelly 

It is similar to the use of olive oil above. Do routine every night. It is better if you use the petroleum jelly with a special comb eyelash. This is because combing gently will help the growth of the eyelashes.


 Apparently, with Vaseline, it can help eyelash extension if used routinely. Try. With little Vaseline on the eyelids before bedtime, this will help your eye's hair growth.

Avoiding the use of mascara before bedtime 

Clean Mascara If you want to sleep. Chemical particles in mascara can inhibit eyelash growth if not cleaned.

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