January 23, 2019

Kota Kinabalu, Januari 18, 2019 - Fuji Xerox, a leader in the Document Services and Communications space announces the launch of 14 new models of digital color multifunction printers : the ApeosPort-VII / DocuCentre-VII Color series. With the concept of "Smart Work Gateaway Note 1 for Digital Transformation"these new series aim to help Malaysian companies especially SMEs to accelerate growth, productivity and efficiency in the digital economy.

The Assistant Minister, Ministry of Law & Native Affairs Sabah, YB Datuk Hj.Uda bin Sulai launched the "Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation" here, today.

He emphasized that the goverment welcomes industry leadres such as Fuji Xerox to support and partner with the ministry in structured programs that can promote the adoption of the digital economy among Malaysian SMEs.

"The launch of 'The Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation' is a key step foward for Fuji Xerox to lead the evolution of digitalization technologies to Malaysian companies, especially SMEs. We put full confidence and hope into Fuji Xerox as one of the contributors to the digital economy of the country and can help the goverment achieve its desired goals" YB Datuk Hj. Uda said.

"Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation is our vision in supporting our customer's Digital Transformation journey by providing them a suite of smart solution, combining our new ApeosPort-VII series of color multifunction device platform plus our solution and service for our customer to automate their work processes, digitalize business information, connect to the cloud, while ensuring end-to-end total information security throughout their business operations. With pur "Smart Work Gateway for Digital Transformation" suite of dgital solution & services, we in Fuji Xerox is ready to assist & support especially the Malaysian SMEs in embracing the digitalization in their journey towards Digital  Tranformation," explained Mr. Mark Tan, President of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Malaysia Operations.

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